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Stephanie Benbenek and her son, Clarke, shared a special mother/son relationship. Clarke was a sophomore in college when he died suddenly in an automobile accident. From this tragedy comes …keeping Clarke. One son. One day. One mom’s personal journey through grief.

A memoir as heartbreaking as it is uplifting, this honest exposé reveals the depths of Stephanie’s grief and how she survives. Unlike books that offer suggestions on how to move on from the grief, this book contains valuable elements of healing and a unique insight into the lifelong journey with grief.

…keeping Clarke. is a must read for anyone who has ever heard or said, “I can’t imagine what you’re going through.”

"Stephanie Benbenek's book, '…keeping Clarke.' is one of the most honest, personal and revealing accounts of grief and loss that I have ever read. Her writing is vivid and compelling as she describes her journey through the hellish nightmare of the death of her son. There are too few accounts of the true nature of mourning, and the many self-help books on grief are sterile by comparison.

"Stephanie's willingness to be open and vulnerable about her suffering and survival will be a companion to anyone overwhelmed by the loss of a loved one. It is a very accessible description of her personal grieving process, and provides hope and inspiration as the reader is struck by her faith, courage and strength. I would recommend this book to any of my clients who struggle through their own grief process."

- Karen L. Scott, Psy.D. Psychologist


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